What Causes Spooky Reappearing Carpet Stains?

Cleaning and house maintenance are something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Because if you stop, you will end up doing it more difficult the next time.  

When talking about house cleaning, one of the things that come to mind is the carpet. Carpets are comfortable, soft, and warm, but they actually need careful maintenance compared to other flooring materials. Also, you would notice that there are reappearing stains on the floor that can be frustrating to deal with. So, here, we share with you the reasons why stains keep on reappearing.  


When carpet stains keep on reappearing, there is a possibility that it is a new stain that has accumulated on the old stain from the residue left behind by the soapy solutions or steamer.  

This is a problem with using a soapy solution to cleaning your carpet. They can leave behind a trail of residue, leaving some sticky and oily film that attract more dirt and dust, leaving your carpet more vulnerable to stains compared before. Although cleaning it will effectively remove the stains, wanting it more become cleaner is a different story, and this is where you need a professional help.  


When you want to have a more effective cleaning method, you can hire London & Surrey carpet cleaning to make sure that the carpet is professionally cleaned.  

2.Carpet Odors 

Similar to stains, the mess that your pet leaves such as feces and urine can be a little bit tricky to remove. You might be able to remove the visible stains away but the smell oftentimes lingers. This is because when moisture dries, the potent odor crystals are trapped in your carpet’s fabric, making it difficult to clean and remove fully.  


Choose and purchase a cleaning solution that specially formulated to remove stains from the pet’s urine and feces. Also, you can try to find and purchase cleaning solutions that are able to remove bacteria and pathogens as they also cause potent smell in the indoor air.  

Odors can also be caused by molds and other pathogens accumulating in your indoor air and making everyone sick. Be wary of pathogens as they can cause respiratory allergies and other diseases.  

3.Carpet Wicking from too Much Moisture  

Carpet stains rarely stay on the surface especially when they have all the reasons to soak deeply into the carpet.  


This is made possible by the moisture that steam provides on the carpet are stuck in the fibers and when the carpet has dried, they become residue that over time develop into stains. This is something preventable when you make sure the steam is able to remove all the excess water and dries up the whole carpet.  


The best solution is to find a cleaning method alternative that uses less water to avoid getting it stuck in the fibers and leaving some residue.  


It is always easy to make your carpet healthy and clean under your maintenance. Of course, when things go wrong and you want more convenience and efficiency, you can always hire a professional cleaner.  

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