Sensitive, intelligent Lucas is a former racing Thoroughbred whose registered name is Yellowstone Kelly. He’s 15 years old, 15.2 hands high, and terrifically handsome with a beautiful, dark bay coat. Lucas has arthritis in one knee, which is manageable with supplements and consistent movement.

Lucas and his pasture mate were surrendered to Cowgirl Spirit by their owner.

Lucas is currently available for adoption as a pasture pal for some lucky horse. He gets along with mares and geldings. He needs space to roam to keep his joints loose and happy. One of our volunteers frequently does ground work with him using Clinton Anderson horsemanship methods.

He is rideable and does have some training. He is ridden occasionally, walk-trot, at this time. However, we need to have our vet re-evaluate Lucas soon to determine if he could be adopted as a riding horse. We believe he would have to be ridden consistently, many times per week, to stay sound. But until the vet sees him again, the verdict is out and so we’re calling Lucas a pasture pet only.

Our normal adoption fee is $750. However, we make special considerations for horses like Lucas.

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