Members and Volunteers Wanted!

Cowgirl Spirit seeks new volunteers to aid our horses in a variety of ways. They don’t all require horse experience but they do all feel good, fill you with purpose and satisfaction, and make a big difference for some special equines:

♦ Are you a marketing wiz who can spread the word about the work we do? We need someone to coordinate our public relations and marketing efforts.

♦ Want to help but don’t want to get muddy? We need assistance with business and clerical tasks. Make a difference in horses’ lives from the warm and comfy indoors!

♦ Are you organized, great with people, and an excellent communicator? We’re looking for different types of coordinators to keep our organization running smoothly.

♦ Are you a gentle, confident, and advanced rider or horse trainer with a little extra time to give? Our horses need partners to lead them in the right direction. We need your help with ground and saddle training.

♦ Know how to stir the community and raise funds for the welfare of horses? We sure could use a top-notch fundraiser to allow us to thrive and grow!

There are other ways to help, too. And perhaps you have ideas of your own?

Please contact us today at (206) 617-1136 or send us a message.

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