Adoption Policies

  1. Cowgirl Spirit will approve adoptions based on the best situation for the horse. Cowgirl Spirit reserves the right to turn down an adopter for any reason.
  1. Adopters must clearly understand that because these are rescued horses, Cowgirl Spirit may not be able to provide any history or background information for them prior to their rescue. It is our policy to disclose everything we learn about a particular horse while in our care, including behavior we observe, handling or training issues we uncover, and veterinary concerns. However, there is still a degree of risk involved in adopting a rescue horse because of the inherent lack of background information. Ideally, Cowgirl Spirit is looking for adopters who primarily want to give a good home to a horse in need, and are understanding and accepting of that horse’s potential limitations.
  1.  Adopters are required to be able to provide:
    1. adequate shelter
    2. safe, secure fencing in good repair (no barbed wire)
    3. a mud-management plan for high traffic areas
    4. adequate hay, feed, and continuous supply of fresh water
    5. adequate, regular turnout
    6. necessary veterinarian care, including routine checkups, vaccinations, teeth floating, and emergency care
    7. necessary regular farrier care and deworming program
    8. three personal references, only one of which may be a family member. One reference should be a trainer or someone who can vouch for your horse experience.
  1. Site Inspection and Visits: Potential adopters are asked to submit to a site inspection prior to approval. A Cowgirl Spirit representative will meet with the adopter at the location where the horse will be kept to assess that all the above requirements are met. Because of this requirement, Cowgirl Spirit  is only able to adopt to people who live within a reasonable driving distance from Cowgirl Spirit Headquarters.
  1. No-Breeding Policy:  As an organization, Cowgirl Spirit feels that excessive breeding of horses is a large factor in the problem of unwanted, discarded horses. Therefore, it is our policy that mares and fillies adopted from Cowgirl Spirit may not be used for future breeding and all stallions and colts will be gelded before they are offered for adoption.
  1. Check-ins:  Cowgirl Spirit will maintain an interest in the horse throughout its lifetime. We reserve the right to perform yearly site visits and ask for regular updates on how the horse is doing.
  1. Horses may not be moved from their approved location or leased out to a third party without our approval during the first year after adoption.
  1. Resale Policy:  Cowgirl Spirit  is seeking permanent, lifetime homes for our horses. We realize that situations may change and the need to rehome may arise.  Our policy is that adopters may not sell, lease, trade or transfer the horse to another party without written permission from Cowgirl Spirit. Provided the new home meets our adoption criteria, we will approve the request and we will ask the new owner/guardians to sign an adoption contract. The goal is not to disallow an adopter from selling a horse, it is simply to ensure that a previously rescued horse never ends up in a bad situation again.
  1. Cowgirl Spirit reserves the right to remove the horse from any situation in which the horse is not being cared for properly or is deemed unsafe. This right extends for the life of the horse.
  1. First-time Horse Owners: Cowgirl Spirit welcomes and encourages first-time horse owners to apply for adoption.  Cowgirl Spirit will review each case to determine that  the horse and potential adopter are a suitable match.  This policy is primarily for the safety of both the horse and adopter.  We do ask of all first time horse owners  that there be an experienced horse person available to provide guidance.  As a contingency of adoption, we reserve the right to request that the first time owner work with a trainer for an agreed upon duration.

Note that there may be very rare exceptions to the above policies.


Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of our available horses.

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