Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses in need. We also educate the community to prevent cruelty, neglect, and inhumane slaughter of horses.

We save neglected and slaughter-bound horses in need by rehabilitating, training, and placing them in a lifelong home. Every horse we rescue receives medical attention to address all immediate physical needs, and ongoing veterinary and farrier care thereafter. We create a tailored training program to help each horse realize their full potential and to address scars that cruelty or neglect has left on their lives.  The ultimate goal is to find a lifelong home that is a perfect fit for each horse and their adoptive family. To date we have successfully rescued, rehabilitated, retrained, and placed over 60 horses to permanent homes.

We strive to prevent future cruelty towards horses by educating the community on responsible equine stewardship. We invite individuals and groups to visit our headquarters to see firsthand the impact of our organization on the lives of what were once deemed “throw-away” horses.

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